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Rick Wall

IMPACT2DAY was founded by Rick Wall after working in the global events business for over 20 years.

 Like many people, he lost his job due to Covid, which may have been a blessing in disguise. He used the time off to reflect on life in general and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life/ career. Although he had many ideas, one thing kept popping up: wanting to make a difference.

Born in South Africa, with British parents, and growing up in the Netherlands, he was always curious about nature and wanted to see the world from a very young age. Fortunate for him, he has been able to do this for the past 30 years, both professionally and privately.   He has visited the most fantastic places one can imagine and has met so many beautiful and inspiring people along the way.

The travels and the last 30 years in general have also shown how we as humans are treating our planet:  Pollution, Decline in wildlife, climate change, to name a few things. It is clear something needs to be done.

He believes we can turn things around for our planet and future generations. He has seen many examples during his travels where locals adapt with so much positivity and resilience to climate challenges. Not forgetting the many great (local) initiatives to positively impact local nature and lives. It has shown that it takes positivity, creativity, collaboration, and action to make a real difference. That is why he started IMPACT2DAY: “Make a difference every day.”


So… a question for all of us: “ How are you going to make a difference today?”

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